HeroesGrave Development

Hello World

Hi. I'm HeroesGrave (not my real name, a pseudonym).

I develop games (or at least attempt to). Most of that is programming, but I can do some mediocre pixel art, and I occasionally write some soundtrack music. I guess I also design games, although that doesn't seem so noteworthy compared to everything else.

"Guardian" (In Development)

I don't have any fanatical stance on free/libre vs proprietary software. I just dislike whatever is broken or awful to use. I use Linux because it's convenient, quick, and most importantly, it doesn't get in my way. I keep a Windows partition around for composition though, as Linux music tooling is still missing a few key components (mainly virtual instruments). Security and privacy are still incredibly important to me, but the usability needs to be there first.

Icosphere-based Planet Generator

I first got into programming when I was 13 by modding Minecraft. Never made anything useful, but eventually I discovered the awesome community at java-gaming.org, and started learning how to write my own games from scratch. That was over 5 years ago. I made a lot of cool prototypes over that time (well, at least I thought they were cool), but never really finished a game of reasonable complexity.

Diamond-Square Tiling World Generator

About 1 and a half years ago, I was looking for a lower-level language to expand my skillset, and through some luck, discovered Rust while it was at version 0.8. It took quite a while to learn, but was definitely worth it. I authored ecs-rs and fixedstep-rs. I haven't written any projects in Java for quite some time now, although I did mess around a bit with Kotlin and JavaFX.

Ludum Dare 28 Entry: PotatOne

I've participated in a few Ludum Dares over the last few years. I usually suffer from spending too much time on mechanics and not enough on polishing, resulting in a fun game that nobody can understand how to play. Lately I've sort-of stopped bothering with LDs, due to the decline in theme quality (okay, let's be honest: most of them aren't even themes).

Currently I'm working on a few libraries in Rust, including a cache-friendly & parallel rewrite of ecs-rs, as well as a simple GUI toolkit for use with OpenGL applications (ie: games).

Anyway, that's me, for those few people who bothered to dig this far through my blog.